Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google Alert Works sometime: Great Review from JavaLobby!

Google's alert works sometimes! I've an alert set for "EJB 3 In Action" and I mostly ignore because mostly I get alerts for web pages that were created couple of years back. But it was an early morning suprise. We have a great review from DZone / JavaLobby. We have got five smileys (the highest) in all respects: relevance, readability and overall. It was good to know that the reviewer (Meera) had reviewed two other EJB 3 books (O'Reilly and Apress) earlier and she gives us highest marks!

Here is her concluding remark:

"When you start reading a technical book within the first few pages itself you really know whether you like the book or not. This book was very interesting to me and kept the interest all the way until the end. I found this book to be well worth the time I spent reading it in spite of me being quite familiar with EJB3 as well as JPA. If you are planning on using EJB3 or even migrating your existing EJB 2 applications, I would highly recommend this book.

Last but not the least, Part 4 and Part 5 of this book, and the performance considerations and best practices for EJB's at the end of a few chapters in itself is worth the price of the book."

Take a look at the complete review!


Z said...

I downloaded and read the sample chapter (chap 01) from Manning website. Interesting really, but one sentence caught my attention : "Although XML is a great mechanism, the truth is that not everyone is a big fan of its verbosity, poor readability, and fragility.". Can you please explain with examples what these three properties mean.

Kanye Co Jamila said...

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