Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More praises for EJB 3 In Action

EJB 3 In Action gets Five STARs rating from Cicero Zandoná of JavaLobby.
Here is some excerpt from his review:

If you want an EJB 3.0 book to read from cover-to-cover this is the one. You will learn how to create an EJB application, the concepts related to them and receive a lot of useful advice.
I really can't give this book less then five "stars".

Here is an interesting comment from the book:

One of the authors, Debu Panda is a Lead Product Manager of the Oracle Application Server development team, and I was afraid this could lead to a biased book. Fortunately this doesn't happen at all, he is completely impartial along the book and always warns the reader about vendor-dependent features.

I'm really happy that everyone seems to like the Sadhu story that I started the book with. Here is what Cicero puts in his review:

In an unusual beginning for a technical book, the authors start talking about ladybugs, elephants and cows (one of the authors name is Panda by the way). But I can't think in a more gentle and creative way to illustrate the specification evolution than the analogy they made (you can read the tale in Meera's review).

Read the detailed review at JavaLobby


Hossein Fakoori Nejad said...

Hi !
I read your blog and linked you in my blog.

Deepak Panigrahy said...

Finally I found you on the blog too. Will always keep myself updated with your insights. And probably try to use them as I start using Java for my projects.

Anonymous said...


About to buy your book.
Using Apress today, 'EJB 3 application development, from novice to professional' and it does not have a good layout.
Hoping that your book has a better layout so I can use it when teaching EJB 3 to my students.
I can sense, not knowing, that you only provide Oracle examples - often easy to translate to another db-engine - but would appreciate if one was able to download examples for more db-engine than one.

regards, i in stockholm

Anonymous said...


Reading your article on ONJava (http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2006/01/04/dependency-injection-java-ee-5.html?page=4)
Wanting to understand the IoC or DI.
You use the following example when describing @EJB:

private ProcessManager pm;

But, but ... how does the ejb-jar.xml look like ? I mean, where does the ProcessManager come from?
As a newcomer I cannot see that.
Could you clarify this example ?

Regards, Marley