Monday, November 12, 2007

At Oracle Open World in San Francisco

Oracle Open World started yesterday. Today I've a session on Java EE with my coworkers Dan Hynes and Dana Singleterry. It is at 3:15pm at Hilton San Francisco. We will present how to build Java EE 5 applications and deploy and manage with Oracle Application Server. If you have a copy of EJB 3 In Action then you can bring it to the session and I can sign it if you want.

I will be hanging around the Oracle Enterprise Manager (Middleware and Apps management booth J04, J06, etc) booths in the demo ground where we are demoing our new product Oracle Application Diagnostics for Java (Oracle AD4J) that help diagnose problems in production environment. Please stop by and learn how Oracle AD4J makes your life simple in diagnosing problems in your production J2EE applications. You can also see some cool demos on SOA management, Application Server Config and Provisioning, SLA management and many more.


Raminder Singh said...

It would be great if you allow us to subscribe alerts for ur posts via email. Can you provide that using any link on ur blog like feedburner??


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William Louth said...

I think calling Oracle J.A.D.E a Java diagnostics tool is really stretching the imagination. Stating that it can trace calls from Java code to the database (as in its white paper) is a plain lie considering this tool uses very primitive (and largely inaccurate) call stack sampling and database event correlation.

I intend writing up a blog entry discussing this whitepaper and the FUD contained within it related to BCI and runtime overhead.

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