Wednesday, January 23, 2008

EJB 3.1 New features

Reza Rehman, my co-author of EJB 3 in Action has authored an article on EJB 3.1 new features.

To summarize the major changes that are planned in EJB 3.1 are:

    • Singleton Beans. Using a new @Singleton annotation will support
    • Optional interfaces similar to web services. Container will generate
      the interface for you. Anyway IMHO it’s always good practice to build an
      interface your bean
    • Stateful Web services using stateful session beans
    • Timers to include cron timers. Just to note that OC4J already supports cron
      timer as an extension.
Note that Java Persistence API is now worked under a completely new specification.

You can read the article at


Anonymous said...

Is there any implementation already available for EJB 3.1? If not, any idea as to its availability.


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