Friday, June 20, 2008

EJB 3, JPA, Web Services and Spring Examples for WebLogic Server

Finally I was able to complete porting of all book examples of EJB 3 In Action to run on WebLogic Server.

You can download these from here

These contain a host of examples on EJB 3, JPA, Web Services and Spring Framework. Now we have complete examples for four servers: Glassfish, OC4J, WebLogic and JBoss.

Note that I tested the examples with an Oracle XE database. For simplicity, the examples are configured to use the exampleServer and default PointBase DB that is shipped with it. However some of these examples will properly not on PointBase because it does not support DB Sequence.

All chapters have the common domain model based on our famous ActionBazaar Application

Chapter 5: EJB 3 Interceptors, Timers
Chapter 8: O-R Mapping Annotations
Chapter 9: Entity Manager API
Chapter 10: JPQL and Native SQL Queries
Chapter 11: O-R Mapping with XML
Chapter 12: EM API from Web Tier, Java SE
Chapter 13: Extended Persistence Context
Chapter 15: EJB 3 Web services
Chapter 16: Spring with EJB 3 and JPA

Please try these out and let me know if you find any bugs!


wcteskey said...

I am unable to get the EJB3 in Action chapter 2 example to work for JBOSS. Where do I post the problem.

wcteskey said...

Ok I found the problem even though I do not understand db stuff at all. I changed "jms" to "queue" in the OrderBillingMDB source. It seemed that when JBOSS did not find OrderBillingQueue it created queue/OrderBillingQueue and not jms/OrderBillingQueue as the example expected.
Even a blind monkey sometime hits the ball.

Anil Potu said...


I am trying to run weblogic examples but wneh trying to run ant in parent directory it says Target `all' does not exist in this project

May be basic problem but can u tell me my mistake?


Naviya Nair said...

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