Wednesday, September 20, 2006

JavaZone @Oslo!

My trip to Oslo was very nice. The weather was pretty good there. It was my first talk at JavaZone. It is really a nice Java conference. It's certainly better, bigger than the conferences like TheServerSide symposium. About 1400 people attended.

All familiar conference presenters Rod Johnson, Joshua Bloch, Floyd, Patrick Linskey, etc were presenting there.

One thing that I liked about the conference that there it was free from keynote. My presentation Migration to EJB3 was houseful! You can download my presentation from JavaZone website.


Anonymous said...

Not able to access the pdf

JP said...

Hi Debu,
Do you know any reference document on migration from Oracle 9iAS to Oracle 10g App Server (R3, jdk1.5) ? We only use oc4j component (j2ee). Things to take care of when migrating from jdk 1.3.1 to jdk 1.5. I was unable to find any migration path in your blog site. Any direction will definitely help.