Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oracle SOA Suite - Complete EJB3 and JPA Support

Yesterday Oracle released Oracle Application Server 10g ( Developer Preview. The goal for this release to simplify development and deployment of service-oriented applications and hence it is termed as SOA Release. The SOA suite provides complete set of service infrastructure components such as Enterprise Service Bus, BPEL, BAM and Web Services Manager for creating, deploying and managing services, all available in a single install.

If you are an enterprise java developer and do not care about SOA, OracleAS has something for you too. O It has complete support for EJB 3 and Java Persistence API and has annotations support in the Servlet container. OC4J includes TopLink Essentials as the EJB3 JPA Provider.

You can download JDeveloper and OC4J standalone and to build and deploy EJB3/JPA applications.

See EJB3 Resources for updated howtos, samples, articles, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Ity ist really easy to install?