Thursday, August 17, 2006

Top 5 features you would care about in OC4J!

OC4J Developer Preview was released couple of days back. OC4J was released in January that had a truckload of features. A question that might comes to your mind: Is OC4J a patch release? From Java developer’s perspective OC4J may not be feature-rich like OC4J However it has a lot of features that you might care about.

1. It now has complete implementation of EJB 3.0/JPA final specifications. It means you will see several changes in the EJB container, that includes:
  • EJB 3.0 Persistence now fully aligns with the spec.
  • Lifecycle listeners and Interceptors are aligned with the spec.
  • XML descriptors support is aligned with the spec.

See the updated demos at EJB 3.0 Resource Center.

2. We have added Oracle specific annotations for easier configurations. If you hate descriptors you have an option to make EJB configurations without having to use orion-ejb-jar.xml. Additionally we have added many proprietary enhancements to make usage of EJB 3.0 simpler. We have made persistence.xml optional in an ejb-jar module for packaging entities and use @Resource to inject the EntityManager for the default persistence unit. I will blog about these later.

3. Dependency injection is supported in the application client container and web container. You can use JSR 250 annotations in the web container. and also you can package entities in the web container. Also we have added the library module support in the application level. You can add a lib directory in the EAR level and any jars put in the lib directory will available to all modules in the EAR.

4. We implemented dynamic byte code generation for EJB wrappers and that greatly improves deployment of EJB applications. Most EJB applications should see between 30-70% improvement in deployment from OC4J 10.1.3 in identical configurations.

5. We have added a lot of new ANT tasks to make your life easier e.g. creation of data sources, JMS objects, shared libraries, etc.

Beside that we have a lot of bug fixes. So please try out and give us your feedback.

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Rick Buitrago said...

Debu: I've been around the OC4J Forum at OTN for a little while, but enough to realize that some questions can have an actual answer, and some few other can't. Here's an example BMP Entity EJB 2.1 FINDER methods behavior in 10.1.3
that I'd really love to find an answer for ...

Anonymous said...

Do you have list of fixed bugs?

Anonymous said...

Here it says dependency injection at oc4j web container for 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) is not supported. Is that feature has been removed from release 3?

Anonymous said...

The link is here sorry

Mohammed Taj said...

thanks for the post...