Thursday, August 10, 2006

Same house and same job but a new blog!

Changes are part of our life! New car, new computer or new kids are always fun! They bring excitement to life. But sometime we have emotional attachment to old things, old houses, etc. And I had the same with my old blog-site ( and was resisting for a change. I used Radio UserLand for more than two and half years and although I never liked it user interface, ability to restore old blogs I was still emotionally attached that being my first blog site.

Finally I decided to desert it. Some shortcomings in Radio Userland literally drove me crazy and I was not able to blog almost for a month after my laptop crashed! I had to pay Price for Carelessness.

My old blog site was getting fairly good number of hits averaging around 300 hits a day with some days around 2000-2500 hits. It has a good number of popular and controversial blogs that were linked from many web sites including, JavaWorld,, etc and hence leaving the old blog home was not an easy decision. I will try to restore some of my popular old blogs in the new blog site so that these are not lost when my license expires with Radio UserLand and they trash these pages. So stay tuned when I return to normal bogging schedule!

1 comment:

Debashish said...

USing wordpress would have been a better option :)